Can Whiter Teeth Affect Attractiveness?

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Valentine’s Day is all about love. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you probably want to look your best. You may get a haircut, put on makeup, or buy a new outfit. What about your smile? Here at Reen Chung, DDS in Seattle, we offer two types of professional whitening. If you’re considering whitening this February, you’re probably wondering: can whiter teeth affect attractiveness?

The Science of White Teeth

In a 2012 study, researchers learned that yellowed teeth downgraded a person’s attractiveness. They believed this is because teeth are “ornaments” that can draw in potential suitors. When humans smile, we’re like a colorful bird showing off its tail feathers. If our teeth are yellow, we’re like a bird with dull feathers: not as attractive.

With tooth color, there are biological factors at play. Tooth color can give other people basic information about our health and genetics. Having white teeth tends to go hand-in-hand with good health and genes. In the animal kingdom, these are both crucial when selecting a mate. As humans, good health and genes are not often the main things we care about, but first impressions still matter. White teeth send a signal to our brains. Healthy and strong people are more attractive.

The Confidence Factor

White teeth are more than ornaments that affect physical attractiveness. They can make you more confident and confidence is appealing. If you feel self-conscious about your tooth color, you might smile less. You might avoid talking to people you believe are “out of your league.” If you’re in a relationship, a lack of confidence can make it harder to feel connected to your partner. Getting whiter teeth can boost your confidence and improve your love life! For Valentine’s Day, why not consider professional teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening at Reen Chung, DDS

We offer two types of take-home trays: custom whitening kits and one-size whitening trays. Custom whitening kits fit your smile. Dr. Chung takes impressions of your teeth and makes the trays. We’ll give you professional-strength whitening gel, allowing you to whiten your teeth at home.

One-size whitening trays are the more affordable whitening option. With one-size trays, we don’t take impressions of your teeth, but you still get professional-strength whitening gel. Results will be better than your average over-the-counter treatment. We’ll let you know what schedule to follow based on your needs. You should start to see results in about a week. To keep your teeth white, avoid food and drinks that stain and maintain good oral hygiene habits.

Want Whiter Teeth This Valentine’s Day?

If you want to feel more attractive this year, please contact us to set up an appointment! We serve the Northgate, Lake City, and North Seattle surrounding areas.

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