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Going to the dentist doesn’t have to mean sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the middle of a cold, clinical office. Our Seattle dental office is designed with your comfort in mind. From the moment you walk through our door to the time you leave with a smile on your face, we aim to help you have an enjoyable dental experience. If there’s ever anything else we can do to improve your visit, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Comfortable Care

We’ve stocked our family dental office with amenities that everyone can enjoy. We know that dental appointments aren’t something that anyone looks forward to, but we think you’ll feel right at home with us. While you’re waiting in our reception area, help yourself to a complimentary beverage, or grab one to go on your way out. Our office is equipped with WiFi, too, so you can surf the web, check your email, or scroll through Facebook to pass the time.

Advanced dental technology

Advanced Technology

As part of our commitment to our patients, we use advanced technology to provide you with efficient and effective dental care.

  • Digital X-rays give us immediate access to images of your teeth and jawbone. They are more comfortable than traditional X-rays, too, since there’s no sharp film. Digital X-rays also produce less radiation.
  • Intraoral cameras take high-resolution pictures and video inside your mouth. This lets us walk you through your diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Isolite® patient comfort system has a place for you to rest your jaw while we work, so you won’t leave feeling sore. It also has a light to help us see and eliminates the need for rinse breaks.
Sedation dentistry in Seattle

Sedation for Dental Anxiety

If the thought of going to the dentist gives you pause, you’re not alone! Millions of people suffer from dental anxiety that ranges from jitters in the dental chair to complete avoidance of the dentist. We don’t want your smile to suffer, so we offer nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to our anxious patients. This sweet-smelling gas produces a heightened sense of relaxation when inhaled, and the effects wear off within minutes of breathing regular oxygen again. Let us know when you schedule your visit if you think you could benefit from mild sedation during your appointment.

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Reen Chung, DDS

Reen Chung, DDS