How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

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If you’ve put in a good amount of money on a dental procedure, we completely understand that you want it to last or work as long as possible. After all, you should get the most out of your investments, and that includes investments in your health! When it comes to a dental implant, it’s hard to pin down a specific number of years for how long it’ll last because it does depend on the patient and how well they take care of it. That being said, you’ll be happy to know that they are made to last a long, long time. Let’s get into the details!

Lifespan of a Dental Implant

Dental implants are durable things. How durable? Well, they can last as long as 25 years! Because of this long lifespan, some people like to say that dental implants will last a lifetime. Another general rule is that dental implants on front teeth last longer than those on back teeth. This is because your back teeth bear a lot of force with all your chewing which can make them wear down faster.

Dental Implants vs. Other Options

It also helps to compare how long dental implants last with the other tooth-replacement options out there. Dental bridges, on average, last between five to 15 years. Dentures have a lifespan of five to 10 years. After this time is up, you’ll need to get a replacement made to continue preserving your oral health. Considering that, you can see how dental implants stand out for their longevity.

How to Make Your Dental Implant Last Longer

While there’s an approximate range for the lifespan of a dental implant, you can help increase your chances of it lasting longer by looking after your oral health. This doesn’t mean adding a whole bunch of steps to your at-home routine or purchasing a ton of fancy products. All it means is keeping up with your regular brushing and flossing (at least twice a day for brushing and at least once a day for flossing) and also visiting your dentist every six months for your check-up. Not so bad, huh? When you do that, you’re doing your part to preserve your dental implant.

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