Holistic Dentistry: A Natural Approach to Oral Health

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Holistic dentistry is the practice of understanding the connections between your oral health and the overall wellbeing of your body. You may be surprised to learn how your teeth and gums can impact your systemic health and vice versa. At Reen Chung, DDS, we are proud to offer comprehensive holistic dental care that focuses on you and your body as a whole.

The Philosophy of Holistic Dentistry

At the core of holistic dentistry is the premise that oral health is inseparable from the rest of the body. Studies have found strong connections between poor oral health and other physical concerns such as cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, and respiratory infections. Our focus is not only on treating symptoms but identifying and addressing the root causes of dental concerns. This approach promotes preventive measures and helps to maintain a healthy balance within the body.

Why Choose a Holistic Dentist

There are many benefits to holistic dental treatment. One of the primary principles of holistic dentistry is biocompatibility, meaning we only use non-toxic materials that can safely integrate into your body, like mercury-free fillings and titanium implants. Our patients also appreciate the fact that any treatment that we recommend is custom designed keeping their specific health needs in mind.

Comprehensive Holistic Dentistry in Seattle, WA

If the sound of holistic dentistry appeals to you, contact us to schedule an appointment at Reen Chung, DDS. Our team will be happy to answer any additional questions about our practice and how you and your family can benefit from our comprehensive approach to your oral health.

Our total-wellness philosophy of dentistry extends to all preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments that we offer. Keep your smile and body healthy for many years to come by calling Reen Chung, DDS, today!

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