Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?

Baby teeth play a larger role than serving as the Tooth Fairy’s preferred form of currency! We explore their purpose, as well as why teaching your children to properly care for their baby teeth can impact their dental health through their adult lives.

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What Are Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth are the very first set of teeth that we have. They typically erupt from the gums between 6 months and 2 years, although some babies may sprout their baby teeth even earlier. These first 20 teeth help babies develop proper eating and talking skills. They also help give mouths and jaws their proper shape and strength as they prepare to accommodate permanent adult teeth.

Why Do We Lose Our Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth are like placeholders. Once we no longer have a use for them, they fall right out to make space for larger, permanent adult teeth. Baby teeth help us talk and eat as we wait for our adult teeth to form and move their way past the gum line.

Do We Have to Care for Our Baby Teeth Like We Do Adult Teeth?

Yes! Think of it like a house: if the foundation is solid, the rest of the house will be too. Taking good care of your baby teeth will ensure that your jaws have enough time to properly grow and strengthen until your adult teeth are ready to grow in. Not taking care of your baby teeth can cause crowding and other orthodontic issues in the future. Teaching your kids to brush and floss their baby teeth will set them up for future success!

The best way to ensure that both baby teeth and adult teeth are healthy and clean is to brush and floss them twice per day and also to get them checked out by a dentist every six months at minimum. At Reen Chung DDS, we’re proud to serve patients of all age ranges to ensure that their smiles stay sparkling for a lifetime. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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