Five Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy

Designed to relieve the pain of a severely decayed or infected tooth, root canal therapy has a bit of a bad reputation. In fact, with modern dental technology, the root canal therapy procedure is minimally painful and will have you feeling better after just a quick recovery. During root canal therapy, Dr. Chung removes the damaged pulp inside the tooth, cleans the tooth, and then seals off the area to protect the tooth from further damage and preserve the natural tooth.

man holding his jaw in pain needing root canal therapy

Like many common dental issues, the earlier we can diagnose an issue, the better the outcome of the treatment. We’ve put together the following list of five signs you need root canal therapy to help you get the treatment you need more quickly.

1. Severe Toothache Pain

Severe tooth pain is always a sign of a problem. In this case, severe pain likely indicates an advanced infection. It is important to undergo root canal therapy as quickly as possible before the infection advances to the point where the tooth needs to be extracted.

2. Discoloration of the Tooth

If you notice that one of your teeth has darkened, this is a sign that nerve tissue inside the tooth is dying and you likely need root canal therapy.

3.Temperature Sensitivity

While mild temperature sensitivity isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, prolonged temperature sensitivity can be a sign of damage to the tooth that requires root canal therapy.

4. Tender, Swollen Gums

If your gums suddenly become tender and swollen, this may indicate advanced decay or infection in the tooth.

5. Pimples/Spots on Gums Near the Tooth

Your gums should be smooth and pink. If you notice bumps on your gums, this is often a sign of infection underneath the surface of your gums.

Learning to spot the symptoms above can help you get the dental care you need. To ask our team any questions about root canal therapy or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today.

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Reen Chung, DDS

Reen Chung, DDS