Dangerous Dental Fads You Should Avoid

Read our blog post to discover 4 DIY dental trends we recommend avoiding to protect your oral health. Many health fads promising quick and fantastic results are actually harmful! We offer safe and effective professional teeth whitening services that will give you the smile of your dreams. Contact us today!

5 Ways to Reduce My Dental Costs

Want to save money? We can help! Check out our dental blog to discover 5 simple ways to decrease your dental expenses. Contact us for high-quality, affordable dental care today.

Regular vs. Electric Toothbrush

If you’re unsure whether to use an electric or a regular toothbrush, read our dental blog to decide which is better for your dental needs. We talk about the pros and cons of both toothbrushes. Contact our friendly office with additional questions about your oral hygiene or to schedule your next checkup!

What Foods Are Healthy for My Teeth?

Mind what you eat to be kind to your teeth! Read our dental blog to discover 4 foods that are healthy for your teeth. We also explain why water is essential for good oral health. Contact our office to ask our friendly and knowledgable team for more help choosing tooth-friendly foods and beverages.

5 Tips for Mitigating Dental Costs

At our dental practice, we ensure you have access to high-quality, affordable dental care. Read our blog for tips on mitigating dental costs. We also offer flexible financial solutions, such as payment plans, to help you get the treatment your smile needs. Don’t put off your dental care any longer – schedule your appointment today!

Should I Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

You take care of your own teeth, so shouldn’t you care for your pet’s smile, too? Yes, you should! Poor oral health in pets can cause serious problems for their overall health. Keep your furry companion healthier for longer by following these dental care tips. And don’t forget to schedule your own cleaning. Contact our office today.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

If your teeth are stained, you may be wondering what is causing the discoloration. There are many things that can alter the color of your teeth, but changing your habits can help. So can professional teeth whitening. Read our blog post to discover what may be discoloring your teeth, then contact Reen Chung, DDS to schedule a teeth whitening appointment. We want to help you get your dream smile!

How Oral Health Can Affect Your Health

Your oral health can have big effects on your overall health. Poor oral health is linked to heart disease, among other conditions. Yikes! Read our blog post to learn more. Contact our dental office to schedule your routine exam so we can help you have a healthy mouth and a healthy body.
Reen Chung, DDS

Reen Chung, DDS