Is Mouthwash Actually Necessary?

We all know that brushing and flossing is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping our smiles healthy. Another common step in many people’s oral hygiene routine is using mouthwash. But is mouthwash really necessary? Read our blog post for a close look at how mouthwash can be helpful for your oral health.

The Connection Between Oral Health & Respiratory Infections

Maintaining good oral health isn’t just about having a beautiful smile. It’s also about encouraging good overall well-being. But did you know that there is a significant connection between oral health and respiratory infections? Read our blog post to learn more about this link.

Is Your Bad Breath Scaring Others?

Even though it’s the perfect month to scare others, you don’t want to scare them with your breath. If you’re suffering from chronic halitosis (bad breath), read our blog post for what you need to know about wrangling in the bad breath monster and taking back control of your smile!

What Are Common Types of Gum Disease?

Do you have gum disease? It is a common but serious dental issue, and the good thing is that it’s one that, if caught early, can be treated effectively. Read our blog post where we explore the various stages of gum disease so that you can understand what’s going on in your mouth.

When Should I Change My Toothbrush?

By following a proper at-home oral hygiene regimen, you use your toothbrush at least two to three times a day for two minutes each time. Have you ever stopped to think about just how often you actually change out your toothbrush? Read our blog post for some tips for your dental tools and what to look for when getting new ones!

How Often Should My Child Visit the Dentist?

As many of us are parents ourselves, we understand first hand just how important it is to feel confident in your child’s healthcare providers. From pediatric visits to dental visits, it’s crucial to know how often your child needs check-ups and exams. Check out our blog post for all the answers on your child’s dental visits.

How to Avoid Scary Cavities This Halloween

It’s the time of year for spooky thrills and chills, but don’t let scary cavities and tooth decay be a problem for you and your family. With Halloween approaching, it’s important to know how to keep teeth healthy this holiday season. Read our blog post for tips on how to avoid cavities this Halloween.

Dental Care Essentials for Frequent Travelers

Heading out on a vacation? We hope that you keep up with your dental care while you’re away so you don’t set back your oral health. Check out our blog post for a look at some of the best dental care essentials for frequent travelers.

Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

Many common dental conditions can be totally avoided with the proper preventive care. Not only does preventive care involve visiting our office twice a year for cleanings and exams, it also means practicing healthy oral hygiene at home. Read our blog post where we talk about the different steps in a healthy oral hygiene routine, including one step that you might be forgetting!
Reen Chung, DDS

Reen Chung, DDS